New Website and My First Blog Post

December 29, 2021


Welcome to my new website. I am excited to keep you updated with market info and helping you make the right move!

You are searching for a home and see one on the market you like. Should you buy it? Before you make an offer it’s best to get a sense of the property’s long term potential. Ultimately, a property is not just your potential next home, it’s your next important investment! Here are some things to consider when viewing homes on the market:

Is the area’s average income increasing? Remember the more affluent a neighbourhood becomes, the higher the property values.

Are employment opportunities growing nearby? If jobs are leaving the area, housing prices are likely to decline

Are there any nearby housing or community developments that will enhance the quality of life in the area? Nearby parks, quiet walking trails, prestigious golf courses, waterfront trails, wineries, beaches enhance the value of nearby neighbourhoods.

Is the crime rate on the rise or decline? This can have a significant impact on future property values.

Are there public transit lines located nearby? Studies show that housing prices increase in areas where public transit is convenient and close.

Is the property located in a neighbourhood dominated by higher priced homes?

What features do the property have that are of value to you? A large kitchen, a spacious backyard?

Are there short-term negatives about the area that will eventually disappear, such as loud construction projects? Once complete, housing prices will often jump.

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Yours in Real Estate,